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What’s QCMerge?

It’s a movement. An organization. A constantly evolving dream.

We believe Cincinnati has the all makings of a world-class tech city. But those ingredients need a little push to combine in some amazing new ways.

That’s where QCMerge comes in. We’re focused on bringing together everyone in the local tech community: developers, designers, writers, social media professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, students, recruiters, career changers and more.

To what end? Our mission is simple: Spark life-changing connections among the people, places, knowledge, and resources in Cincinnati’s tech community.

If we do it well, we hope to marvel as our vision comes to life: Build a stronger, more united tech community with a clear voice in the future of Cincinnati.

Let’s build one of the best tech cities in the world together.

Words We Live By

We’re open source all the way. We do nearly all the planning and management for QCMerge right out in the open. Join the movement and share your ideas right here: github.com/qcmerge/administration

QCMerge is a voice for everyone. We’re a grassroots, bottom-up movement. There’s no big money group pulling the strings behind the scenes. Anyone who wants to be involved can jump right into the mix.